This was super easy to make it was just time consuming (about 2 hrs) … Probably since it was my first Crack at it.. The results.. AMAZING!! I would have never guessed the consistancy actually felt and looked like pizza crust


1 medium/large head of cauliflower 1 large egg 1/2 cup shredded mozzerella 1/2 cup shredded paremesean cheese 1 tbs garlic salt 1 tsp dried oregeno 1 tsp Italian seasoning (any other spices are to taste)

Break up Cauliflower head and put it through a food processor or blender until the texture is rice like. Don’t blend it up so much that it becomes mushy

2.put riced cauliflower into a bowl. Cover it with a plate and microwave it for 10 minutes (the idea is to steam it.. So if you have a steamer go that route) this will stink up your kitchen so beware

3. Let cauliflower sit for 30 minutes or until it has cooled down

4. Take a cheese cloth or linen towel and take clumps for the c-rice and squeeze allllllllll the water you can out of each clump into a seperate bowl to discard. Put the clumps in a seperate bowl

5. Mix the egg, mozz, parm, and spices with the squeezed cauliflower with a fork. Once indregients are mixed, with your hands start mushing everything together as you would dough

6. Remove from bowl onto parchment paper and create your pie. Spread c-dough out to about 10/12 inches.. You crust should be thin.. Think NY style pizza thin. YOU DO NOT NEED A ROLLING PIN FOR THIS. Use your hands.. Get into the crust and give it some love and shape it how you want it. Pinch the edges up to create and outer crust if you are feeling frisky.

7. Put in the oven on 415 for 15 minutes on middle shelf or until the edges brown a bit and center is light golden brown.

8. Remove and add your toppings and put it back in the over for about 10 minutes at 425. You just want to melt the cheese and heat up your other toppings.

9. Take out the oven. Let it sit for 5 to 10 mins and enjoy!

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