Ok, this is pretty simple. 650 calories, 10g net carbs.

  1. 1tbsp grass fed
  2. unsalted butter 30g
  3. Crimini mushrooms 10g
  4. chopped onion 15g
  5. arugula 1/8 cup shredded
  6. mozzarella 40g avocado
  7. 2-3 large eggs
  8. No sugar bacon Spanish deli meats multipack from Trader Joe’s Hot sauce, salt, pepper to your preference

In a tablespoon of grass fed butter, sautée 30g of crimini mushrooms and 10g of chopped onions. After they cook through, throw in 15g of arugula and sautee for a few minutes.

Now crack in two (or three) large brown eggs. Lightly mix and scramble. When egg is mostly cooked, pop in 1/8th cup of shredded mozzarella cheese and mix til melted and eggs thoroughly cooked.

I cooked up a side of no sugar bacon (I actually now much prefer it to regular bacon) and top the scramble with 40g of avocado.

Finally I added a couple slices of Spanish deli meats (jamon Serrano, salchichon, and chorizo cantimpalo) which I got in a multipack from Trader Joe’s.

This is a huge breakfast! I skipped breakfast yesterday so I went big today! Feel free to modify to your macros. Or serve it for two! The onions tend to kick up the carb count, so use sparingly. Also, feel free to use two eggs instead of three to cut down on the calories.

I throw a little hot sauce on top to top it off!

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